Security Council


According to the UN Charter, this organ endorses and seeks for the maintenance of international peace and security. Therefore, its decisions are binding on behalf of ensuring the international community immediate response before a threat. Notwithstanding its powers, historically it has been a controversial UN body as it reflected the lack of commitment and common agreement amongst countries due to a great influence of political, military or economic interests within the Permanent members. Hence, the UN ability and credibility has been losing ground during the outbreak of regional or international conflicts contributing to the rise of unilateralism and lack of enforcement of international law.

During the Conference, the Committee Agenda includes two complex and fully relevant topics in the current world situation whereby a reasonable decision must be taken in advance by all delegates regarding the topic of discussion. Briefly, the two topics are: Situation in North Africa, and the Reform of the Security Council. The first involves an holistic assessment and debate about regional threats to peace namely, terrorism and / or political instability; as well as a discussion about the role of humanitarian intervention and the responsibility to protect regarding cooperation with regional military forces and the role of sovereignty.

On the other hand, the second covers a general scope of discussion where delegates may base on historical cases to support a country viewpoint on the need and content of a tentative reform of this UN organ. It is expected a deep revision of the committee powers, composition and voting procedure regarding the evolving nature of world geopolitics. Finally, it is strongly recommended that delegates with an intermediate-advanced knowledge and experience of MUN and debating skills should take part of this committee in order to ensure a high quality debate sessions where a solution can be reached on behalf of defending the Council main functions.

Chair: Diego Sanchez, María Angélica Fernández, Joaquín Mejía.


A. Situation in North Africa

B. Reform of the Security Council